Magnetic Brand Accelerator™

An intensive 35-day magnetic strategy program

 The effectiveness of building strong brand foundations uniquely tailored to you paired with strategy and magnetism
is what will set you apart as the go-to expert in your industry.

You weren't suppose to hide your gifts, talents and skillsets from your audience, you were meant to be in high demand.

Do you feel overwhelmed from constantly changing your strategy and technique to try and get more clients? You've come to the right place.

You've been told to that you must not be an energetic match (even though you journal your heart out)

You're pricing all your offers in angel numbers but still not attracting clients

You've created all the value-based content you can think of (even those Reels you didn't want to do)

 You don't have to stay in this place...

You're ready to know what it feels like to have clients magnetized to you, effortlessly sell your irresistible offers and fill up your waitlists so that you are never in chasing mode again. (ever)

Here's what I know:

You know you can make a real impact if only someone would just say YES right now.

You have had enough of the ‘just show up’ advice and want actual strategy.

You have listened to all the business and motivational podcasts in the world, only to feel overwhelmed and confused again the next day because you don’t have a clear strategy that is tailored specifically to you.

Does this sound like you?

You want to stand out as an expert and effortlessly attract your dream audience.

You are tired of seeing everyone becoming a copy of their mentors but you feel the urge to do the same. You have the knowledge and expertise to truly make a difference. It is time to stand out and be the go-to person in your field. 

You want to have a strong magnetic brand that you are incredibly proud of.

You want to feel like your brand is the best thing anyone has ever come across in their life. You want to ooze that magnetism whilst not compromising strategy.

Your messaging is not clear enough to convert your audience into raving buyers.

You've been told to "refine" your  "I help…" statement one too many times and now it doesn't make any sense to the point where you don't even know what it means anymore.

You keep launching new offers and doing endless masterclasses 

You're doing everything that others promised would "make you quantum leap into freedom" but you aren't seeing this reflected in your reality. (and you already own every mindset book out there)

You don't want just another cookie-cutter course or program.

You are losing faith in 'knowledge is power' because you have the knowledge and skills, you're just not moving in the direction you so desire to be by now. 

You're ready to experience the feeling of filling up your waitlists and falling back in love with your business. (and your bank account)

Let's change the trajectory of your business and evolve into a highly magnetic brand

Are you ready to become your industry's favorite and go-to expert?

Your dreams don’t have to remain dreams.

You can easily have...

…clients that don't bat an eyelid at your premium prices so you can go on that month-long vacation in Europe, sipping coffee in Italy whilst your stripe notifcations are rolling in

…the new daily vocabulary of “I EXCEEDED MY GOAL" because you are no longer needing to chase anyone when your clients are lining up for you

…world class positioning so that you never struggle to share and deliver your value ever again

…the right fundamental brand strategies to help you go from feeling invisible to becoming the only option for your audienceand be in high demand

…screenshots of major social proof that you can use over and over again to fill up those binge-worthy IG highlights 

Do you want to go from best kept secret, lost in content creation and showing up 24/7 to to consistently waking up to dreamy DMs and emails from potential clients saying 'How can I work with you?'

Not being clear in your voice and messaging.

You feel lost when you need to create content because you don’t have your own personalised messaging implemented yet. 
You have to define and refine your voice and messaging so clearly, that your potential clients are magnetized to your offers and expertise.

If you want to prevent postponing your progress, then avoid these 4 potential mistakes:

You are not differentiating yourself within your industry.

There will always be competition, you just have to hone in on your differentiating factor and the way you position yourself. Remember that no one can be you, it’s time to find your special sauce. You don’t need a million factors, you just need one. (an effective one)

You look to others for your next move instead of following a plan tailored to your own business.

When you are not crystal clear on your brand strategy, it is easy to fall off track and look to see what other people are doing. You can call it inspiration but 99% of the time, it is a lack of clarity and confidence in your own work.

You don’t have a clear branded path for your audience.

There are many ways in which your audience can go from stranger to raving fan. It is up to you to lay out a clear path for them and guide them along the way, hitting all touchpoints.  How do you tailor it to your own brand and business so it is most effective for you, that’s where your focus needs to be.

Stick with me and let's fix these ASAP.

What you think you need:

More time to figure things out

The next best shiny new technique

To wait until someone else gives you permission

To gain EVEN MORE knowledge than you already have

What you actually need:

A strategy that is tailored specifically to you and your business that is not copy and pasted from someone else.

To step away from hacks, tricks and all those free webinars you're attending and focus on laying a solid foundation.

An expert in your corner who will help with the heavy lifting and powerfully guide you through the other side.


An action-oriented 35-day intense brand strategy accelerator for the woman who’s ready to change the trajectory of her business and brand for good.


No more hustling to be seen, it's time to become the go-to choice for your clients and become SO magnetic they are seeking you out, everywhere.

Time to go from 'hoping' to massive impact, like, yesterday.

See you on the other side?

You just wrapped up with your latest client - you didn't even need to ask for a testimonial because you already have dozen of screenshots from her preaching you and your work. She is fulfilled, she feels seen and most importantly, she is getting results because she found you. She tells you how grateful they are that you believed in yourself enough to do the work so she could find you. She can't wait to tell her industry friends about you and your gifts who honestly, will have to be added to the waitlist because your inbox is full of clients just like her, ready to grab their spot on your calendar.

This is what is waiting for you.

Envision this...


Implement my signature framework;

It's time to stop trying to spy on your competitors' strategies and start building your own unique action plan


Your personal brand revolves heavily around you and who you are at your core. The first step to take is to go within.


Get to know your audience on a deeper level and identify your ICA in a way that works, beyond the surface level checklists.


Build out your offer in a strategic way that allows for valuable results for both you and your clients and that has them say YES time and time again.


Dig deep into the core and true essence of your brand and watch the space in which you operate transform.


Become the go-to expert in your field for your audience just by strategising the correct positioning for your brand alone.


Your brand voice and messaging are key to building trust with your audience. It is time to elevate your voice and tap into your magnetism.


You’re taking the foundational layers and infusing them with strategy so you can hit your business goals and focus on serving.


Time to add the spark. The core of your brand needs to line up with the visual identity presented to your audience.


Wondering what's included?

Time to finally hit those income goals you have had on your vision board since forever.

WEEKLY 60 min 1:1 strategy sessionS


Magnetic Brand Accelerator™

is for your next level you.

Review of every piece of work you complete

Personal check-ins and accountability

These are not just any 1:1 calls. This is where all the magic happens. We are here to make a massive change FAST. Expect to bring your A-game and lots of coffee. 


To start off our time together we take a deep dive into you and your business. From where you are now to where you want to go, see it as your total brand overhaul.

Plus get access to these juicy bonuses;





"Everything she does comes from a deep desire to make you happy to represent your brand well. I cannot wait to work with her again and share with my colleagues what a gem she is! I feel totally confident that I can use the pathways she outlined to take my brand to the next level. You should 1000% create with her!"

- linia MARIE hardy

'She is a magician!'

I have been exactly where you are, and all I wanted was for someone to give me a roadmap that was unique and tailored to me so I could get out of the confusion and overwhelm I felt daily, and finally focus on actually growing my business and create a brand I was so damn proud of.

Too often I see entrepreneurs skip the important foundational steps, the steps that can actually make or break your business.

The truth is, I want long-term success for your personal brand, not quick wins that fade out as soon as there is another algorithm update.

You deserve to wake up everyday feeling excited to show up and do what you do best, knowing there is a strategy and intention behind everything you do, attracting your dream audience that sends you those social proof messages of ‘oh YOU are exactly who I have been looking for’.

Hey there! I am Marlinde and I have made it my mission to help entrepreneurs just like you figure out their secret sauce and build a magnetic personal brand.

Get ready for that 'Movie Makeover' scene...

but this time for your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

I value your investment as well as your time so highly, I don't want you to enter into a program that turns out not to be a good fit for you. It is also very limited access because my personal time is involved in this intense accelerator, which is why not anyone can checkout and enter. This is all to make sure you get all the magic out of this program! If I think you may be a better fit for something else, I will also talk to you about this before any final decisions are made.

The investment for this program is currently $3797. A payment plan option is available which is $1899 split into two payments.

This program is for anyone who does not have a unique brand strategy tailored to their business and who feels aligned with the content in this sales page. If you already have an established, successful brand that is giving you win after win, you have consistent clients magnetized to you and you know your brand strategy inside out, then you don't need this.

I believe long drawn out containers and 12-month masterminds can be great and they have their place for sure - but my people don't have time for this right now. I know that the woman who is a perfect match to this accelerator wants to move quickly and thrives in an action oriented environment. She knows her time is valuable more than anything and I want to make sure we work as efficiently as possible to get the results we need.

“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business”
 - Steve Forbes

Are you ready to ignite your magnetic personal brand so you can show up with confidence and start hitting your business goals?

You deserve to wake up everyday feeling excited to show up and do what you do best, knowing there is a strategy and intention behind everything you do, attracting your dream audience that sends you those social proof messages of
‘oh YOU are exactly who I have been looking for’.

I AM So excited 

to Work with You.

Work with me to IGNITE your magnetic personal brand so you can show up with confidence and start hitting your business goals.

Stand out as an expert in your industry and reach your dream audience, you can have an incredible personal brand that you are proud of, all it takes is for you to decide.